Managing a Class with Active Learning

A guide for instructors to conduct active learning exercises - including using our Active Learning checklist.

Our Framework

Active Learning Principles

Learn what research on the science of learning tells us and the underlying building blocks of active learning.

Learning Objective

Consider the primary goals of the curriculum and the desired learnings to create clear structure.

Active Learning Activity

Combine these principles and objectives to build powerful activities that measurably improve outcomes.

What We'll Cover

If you take the time to master active learning design principles, in what ways will your learners benefit? This workshop builds on the principles of learning science, focusing on how these principles are used in the classroom. First, we look at the context of instruction and motivations of students. Then we discuss how to apply the fundamentals of active learning to effective instruction. The final section goes through specific exercises and activities that make learning stick.

What You'll Learn

  • Use principles from the science of learning to create active learning exercises

  • Evaluate lesson plans and devise ways to incorporate active learning effectively

  • Apply combinations of principles from the science of learning to teach effectively

  • Create lesson plans that motivate students to engage and learn

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