Workshops & Certificates

Active learning programs designed to help you create outstanding hybrid education experiences.

Our Expertise

We bring over 20 years experience in academic course design.

Active Learning Sciences helps institutions harvest what has been learned about both active learning and using hybrid designs from lived experience. We are hands-on in assisting university leaders in their efforts to improve faculty preparedness, faculty and student satisfaction, and overall learning outcomes.

Our mission is to help institutions navigate the new world of hybrid and remote education using techniques grounded in the science of learning.


90 minute workshops including hands-on practice. We use the same active learning methods that we preach and customize the content to your institutions unique needs.

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Using the Science of Learning

  • A deep dive into how to design in-person, virtual, and hybrid courses effectively.

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Managing a Class with Active Learning

  • A guide for instructors to conduct active learning exercises - including using our Active Learning checklist.

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Using Tech Effectively in the Classroom

  • Effectively use key off-the-shelf technologies common in today's hybrid education environment.

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Course and Program Design

  • Learn how to conduct active learning exercises effectively during any class.

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Self-paced courses on cutting edge techniques for classroom instruction. Completion of each course grants participants a certificate.

Masterclass in Active Learning

An asynchronous, 11-module course on how to design new courses or adapt existing ones and implement effective active learning principles for any subject. See the course outline here.

EdTech Mastery

Coming soon!
An asynchronous, 6-module course on using tech effectively in the classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is active learning important?

Active learning is scientifically proven to be highly effective for students, much more than traditional lecturing. In an analysis reviewing its efficacy, a study found that it “leads to increases in examination performance that would raise average grades by a half a letter, and that failure rates under traditional lecturing increase by 55% over the rates under active learning." Finally, the data suggests that active learning confers disproportionate benefits for STEM students from disadvantaged backgrounds and for female students in male-dominated fields" (Freeman, S., et al. (2014). Active learning increases student performance in science, engineering and mathematics. (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111, 8410-8415).

Our workshops teach the most important concepts from the science of learning as well as how instructors can use these concepts to design courses that will improve student learning.

Who should attend a workshop?

Anyone who is interested in improving student learning outcomes. We have worked with academic institutions, businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits. Administrators, instructors, instructional designers, and teaching and learning center staff can all benefit from our workshops.

What specific pedagogy are the offerings based on?

All our workshops are based on the most up-to-date science of learning and provide proven techniques for improving student outcomes.

Do you offer custom workshops?

Yes, we are happy to work with clients to design workshops that suit their specific needs.