Using Tech Effectively in the Classroom

Designed to help you effectively use key off-the-shelf technologies common in today's hybrid education environment.

Our Framework

How to incorporate tech

Walk through the SAMR model and connect the functionality of your technology with learning objectives.

Learning new systems

Learn common approaches to mastering new software and evaluating your current tech stack.

Active learning tools

Tour today's top tech tools for promoting active student engagement and learning.

What We'll Cover

A pronounced “tech gap” emerged from the rushed migration to online and hybrid education. When the pandemic forced teaching online, many companies rose to the challenge and produced useful teaching technologies. But finding out about them, and how to use them effectively, is a challenge. In a post-pandemic environment, faculty have struggled to adapt lesson designs. In this workshop, we discuss how to use technology in online and hybrid environments, present a framework for using tools specific to different modalities, and dive into specific tools that support the eight active learning exercises.

What You'll Learn

  • The SAMR (substitution, augmentation, modification, and redefinition) model and how to connect tech to learning objectives

  • Approaches for learning new softwares

  • How to combine synchronous and asynchronous technologies using the science of learning

  • The top 5 tech tools for the hybrid classroom

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